Welcome to Vic’s health journal! My name is Vic and I created this website for documenting my journey to living a happier and healthier life. Being healthy to me means having a strong body and a clear mind, and I believe that nutrition and exercise are huge contributing factors. The most common advise given by doctors is to eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep, yet this advise is somehow the hardest to follow. Like most young adults I have followed several diets and exercise routines in the past to slim down and tone up, and even though most were quite effective I constantly felt like I was ‘limiting’ myself and found it hard to maintain these routines over a long period of time.

My greatest personal fitness struggles are 1) staying motivated to work out, 2) obtaining proper macros despite trying really  hard to eat mostly vegan and being on a low budget, 3) weight lifting  as a female in a predominantly male-dominated gym and 4) staying healthy while traveling.  It’s a new year, and as cheesy as it sounds, I have committed myself to making this year my healthiest year to date. This website is the first step towards a lifelong commitment of healthy living, and it documents all aspects of my journey such as exercise routines, meal prepping, body changes and healthy recipes. Besides to being a commitment to myself, I hope that this website will contain some valuable resources for those that are interested in healthy living as well.




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